Slip and Fall

A Premises Liability Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

Commercial and private property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises free of hazards and safe for visitors. If they fail to do so and it results in a serious injury, they may be liable for medical costs and other compensatory damages.

At Voorhees Law Firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, our premises liability lawyer advocates aggressively for individuals who have suffered serious injuries as the result of neglect to private or public property. Premises liability cases entail a broad variety of accidents, including:

Slip-and-fall accidents in stores, restaurants or other public properties where floor conditions are dangerously slick and management has not addressed the situation

Negligent maintenance, including unsafe staircases, elevators, and parking lots

Swimming pool accidents resulting from improper maintenance or insufficient supervision

Dog bites and other accidents that may occur on private property

Negligent security, including insufficient lighting in public parking lots or inoperable security cameras

We focus solely on representing injured individuals. We provide highly personalized service and are responsive to our clients’ needs, including handling all communication with medical providers and insurance company representatives.

Do You Have A Winnable Case?

The first question that most injured parties have is whether the facts of the case warrant a personal injury claim. Attorney Scott F. Voorhees has practiced personal injury law since 1987. He understands the nuances that are essential to develop a case that will hold up under careful scrutiny by insurance company representatives.

In New Mexico, property owners are held to various standards of care in relation to the reason why an individual is on their property. Visitors are categorized as invitees (a customer visiting a business), social guests (a friend visiting someone at his or her home), a licensee (a delivery person) or a trespasser (someone who is uninvited).

We help individuals understand the level of protection they are entitled to and whether a personal injury case has merit. If you have questions about an injury you or someone you love suffered on someone else’s property, we can help.

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The most important step to recovering the full amount you are owed following an accident is selecting a lawyer who knows how to build winning cases and is ready to go to court if a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiations.

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall